It’s true what they say. Ownership has its benefits. And when those benefits show up in the culture of the company, the rewards extend far beyond the office walls. Read on to hear how employee ownership has advanced the culture of C.O.nxt, straight from the owners themselves.

It really reinvigorates our “One team. One Vision.” mindset.
Brandon Maly, Account Executive

We’ve always been all about the team. And employee ownership has given us even more reason to root each other on and have each other’s backs. Because a rising ESOP tide lifts all ships.

I feel like I have an actual voice in the direction of our company.
Amber Schabel, Art Director

At C.O.nxt, we’re all owners. So regardless of title or years of service, we all get the opportunity have our voices heard, whether it be in our brand, our growth plan or the types of snacks in the lounge.

Having the ESOP empowers me to go out on a limb and reach for the ripest fruit.
Michael Bleach, Senior Copywriter

Employee ownership is all about thinking like an owner. As an ESOP we encourage everyone to put in the work necessary so they have the confidence to take a big swing when the time is right.

There is so much more opportunity for growth and to get involved.
Amy Rohweder, Digital Director

When the employee-owners in an ESOP get better, the company gets better. Since becoming an ESOP, we’re even more motivated to invest in the people here so they can grow into the leaders who will guide us forward.

Everyone has a little more fire to deliver for our clients.
Katy Panazzo, Billing Coordinator

We’ve always been fiercely focused on client success. But we’d be lying if we said that a piece of the pie wasn’t a bit of an extra boost. “We win when our clients do” has become a cliché. But here, it really means something.