C.O.nxt is a 100% employee-owned communications agency full of farm kids and foodies coming together to create fresh and unexpected solutions driven by deep insight and strategy. We serve purpose-driven brands that stand out in the ag and food industries—from the seed in the ground to the steak on the plate—because that’s what we’re passionate about. Full service. Full hearts. For the love of food.

We are experts in: Branding, campaigns & strategy, crisis comms, DEI, digital media, events, public relations, social media, sustainability, video, and web design.

Focus: Purpose-driven brands in agriculture and food & beverage.

Our purpose is to inspire brands to realize the potential of living up to their own purpose. We start by finding and expressing a brand’s innate identity through any means needed to excite and engage audiences. We believe a brand equals the sum of every customer encounter. And we use agile and iterative techniques in everything we do—so every encounter counts more.

We are experts in: strategic planning, creative ideation and execution, media innovation, tech solutions and data cognition.

Focus: Service industries and considered purchases.